About Us

70Cigars is a perfect destination for all the smoke lovers who are on a hunt for the best-ever smoking experience of their lives. At 70Cigars we love what we do, and it’s that love that drives us to constantly look for exceptional products to make your cigar smoking experience the best it can be - relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable. Our dedicated team of cigar experts offer the best premium cigars so that you can order with the assurance that we’ll take good care of you.

We strongly believe that the choices we make in life are part of what gives us our quality and preciseness, so we connect with you in mind and this is how we’re able to offer all the best in premium cigars along with those special items that others can’t seem to get their hands on. At 70Cigars we want you to feel confident whenever you order with us, and we’ll do everything to make sure you’re 100% satisfied every time you order so you’ll come back to us.

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